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Whey Protein Powder

whey protein powder

Alex Rogers Stands By the Brooklyn Bridge, whey protein powder

The following is an article I did that is coming out soon.  Here is the beginning of the article, I’ll be posting the rest of it later……alot of it has to do with whey protein powder

The sports nutrition industry is a billion dollar business.  In 2011 4.3 billion dollars of protein powders, preworkout supplement, nitric oxide products, testosterone products, fat burners, pro-hormones, protein bars and other muscle building products were sold.  This equates to about 100 million consumers of these products.   Alarmingly out of these 100 million users many have gotten sick, failed drug tests, needed organ transplants and have even died.  All from using these products.


As I sit here in a franchisee gym in Brick New Jersey, our meeting place, in walks a tall, salt and peppered hair, scruffy face, tanned man, wearing a stained T-shirt,  Old Navy shorts, sneakers, and predictably smelling like a vanilla protein powder.  He doesn’t look like your typical jersey shore guy.  I was expecting to interview a guy with finely manicured hair, big juiced up muscles, an arrogant assholic attitude,   gold chain around his neck, tatoos, driving a fancy car and smelling like he just took a bath in cologne.  Instead he looked more like a guy that just got off an 8 hour shift working for a landscape company.  As he walks towards me, realizing I’m the guy that will be interviewing him I can see that he has a friendly face with an attitude to match.  He sits down and I begin to interview the guy that is changing the sports nutrition industry single handedly.